This Is How to Wear White Jeans This Summer (Hint: Please No Skinny Jeans)

The case for pressing pause on white skinnies.

white flares are the look for the summer. check out these @jbrandjeans!

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Let me preface this post by saying that I’m not the biggest fan of skinny jeans in general, at least on me. They feel a tad same-old, the everyman’s go-to because bellbottoms feel weird (they’re not!) and boyfriends feel boring and no one wears bootcut and, guys, it’s really, really hard to pull off mom jeans (exhibits A, B, C and D). But take skinny jeans and make them white and you’ve got the summer wardrobe recipe of every single woman on earth, ever. Yawn.

How to break the mold this summer? Take your whites in ultra-flared versions, like the J Brand pair above, which you can score at Knit Wit. They’re arguably more flattering than their second-skin counterparts (white jeans, if not executed with ultimate precision, can look like see-through sausage casing and this is not a good look for anyone) and totally leg-lengthening.

My pairing suggestions: a slouchy white men’s button-down, leaving most of the top buttons undone and maybe worn slightly off-shoulder to showcase maximum clavicle glory; one veeeeery long necklace; and heaps of rings (learn how to stack them here). There. See how easy that was?