Delia’s Is Messing With Our Heads, Not Shutting Down After All

Quit playing games with my heart.


WTF. | Screenshot from Delia’s (not defunct) website.

In what’s looking to be another installment of April Fool’s fashion pranks we believed, Delia’s is apparently not completely gone forever. In an April 3rd Instagram picture, the cult-fave ’90s fashion company announced that it will be sending out a Delia’s ‘magazine’ and opening an e-commerce site in August. WTF.

I’ve written before about my weird fascination with the brand, and my equally weird sadness that it was closing. But I guess the outpouring of earnest nostalgia was enough to propel the brand forward once more, a final surge of babydoll dresses and square-neck tank tops. Here is confirmation that the online-only shop is coming.

So what’s the deal, Delia’s? Were you just playing coy to see how much we’d all cry and pound our fists at your closing? Or were your shutting-down-forever-and-ever-amen announcements only made in a cheap effort to bolster final brick-and-mortar sales? In any case, it’s over between us, Delia’s. For good. (Unless you send me a catalog in August. For old time’s sake.)

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