Monday Obsession: Style Camp Canvas Calendars

Because sometimes your giant desk calendar just won't cut it.


We’re officially five days into 2015, and in addition to the obligatory New Year’s tasks like resolution-making and closet cleaning, we hope you’re also in the market for a sparkly new calendar. To begin properly ticking off the days of 2015, we suggest scooping up one of these Ige Design canvas wall calendars at Style Camp. The Chestnut Hill shop is currently stocking a variety of the coolly practical beauties including the gilded, frame-worthy variety and scroll style pictured above. And let’s be honest: They easily trump the feline-a-day flip calendar you got as a gag gift.

The Details: Ige Design wall calendars, $10 to $39 at Style Camp, 8433 Germantown Avenue, Chestnut Hill.