Market Report: How to Avoid Looking Bulky in Winter Outerwear

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9 Reasons to Start Using Coal in Your Beauty Routine

  • Avoid looking bulky in winter’s toastiest outerwear essentials with these unexpected slenderizing tips (like creating the illusion of longer legs to balance a statement coat). [The Zoe Report]
  • Lady Gaga wore an inflatable 3-D urchin costume to a club in Parisand we weren’t even in surprised. [G Philly]
  • Here’s a behind the scenes look at what a perfumer’s lab really looks like. Answer: less mad scientist-y than we expected. []

  • Let’s face it: nipples are having a moment. These are the six most talked about nipple censorship moments in fashion. (Ahem, anyone remember Madonna’s Dazed cover?) [Styleite]
  • If you actually want your lip color to stay on through Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, you need to try one of these seven super-affordable stains. [Lucky]