Behold, The Most Stylish Rain Boots Ever Made

They're by Hunter, and they will have you begging for rain.


Meet the new generation of rain gear. | Photos via Hunter.

I have a pair of Hunter rain boots that I pull out every time it rains. They are over-the-knee, sand-colored Wellies, with a chunky heel and laces that criss-cross up the entire front of the boot. These boots are kick-ass, puddle-stomping, I-fear-neither-rain-nor-sleet-nor-apocalypse boots, and I love them. (So, too, does everyone else: Men, women and children have complimented these boots; I believe animals and newborns would, too, if they could talk.)

As I received yet another compliment on the boots this morning—this time by a friendly, non-creepy man on my train, who always has his nose in a newspaper and is certainly not the least bit interested in fashion—I decided I’d spread the love and tell you where you can get your own pair of Kick-Ass Puddle Stompers. Sadly, though, they are not available any longer … but these are, and I think they might be ever cooler.

Hunter’s riff on the Chelsea boot has a just-shiny-enough metallic sheen and a contrasting chunky rubber sole; I’m dying over the neon yellow color. The shoes are waterproof and the heel is totally walkable, even in downpours. (I can attest to this!) While the traditional Hunter boots will never go out of style, I recommend upping your rainy-day arsenal with these. I promise they will make rainy days much more bearable.

The Details: $325; but them online here.