How To (Finally) Figure Out Your Glove Size

Your helpful style tip of the day.


The right way to buy winter’s most fun accessory. | Shutterstock.

A few years ago, I found my perfect pair of gloves: gold Nappa leather with tiny red suede ovals on the fingers, sort of like a built-in manicure. I needed them—only problem was, I wasn’t exactly sure of my size. I guesstimated (my hands are pretty small), and when the pair arrived, they were just a tad too tight. I kept them, of course, although I need to remove all of my rings before putting them on.

How this could’ve been avoided: this handy measuring tip from one of my favorite gift boutiques in the city, Scarlett Alley (241 Race Street). Just measure the circumference of your hand around the knuckles, not counting the thumb. Got that number? 

According to the helpful folks over at the store (and their blog!), here’s how the numbers stack up:

7 inches: You’re a size small.

7.5 inches: You’re a size medium.

8 inches: You’re a size large.

In between? They advise going up a size to ensure a comfortable fit. May you never buy a pair of too-small beautiful leather gloves with built-in nail polish.