Sale Alert: Maggpie Vintage Rentals To Hold Secret Furniture Flash Sales

How to score the company's amazing furniture props.


A Maggpie warehouse vignette. | Photo by Love Me Do photography.

The massive Kensington warehouse of Maggpie Vintage Rentals is a vintage furniture lover’s Mecca. There are vintage sofas and chairs, all manner of tables (gilded, wicker, weathered enamel, elephant-shaped—that one’s mine, guys, if it goes up for sale), and various other accessories (screens, china, trunks). Think of the best flea market you’ve ever been to. Multiply that by a million. That’s Maggpie.

The thing is, this stuff isn’t for sale. It’s all rentable for things like parties, photo shoots, weddings, events—and Philly Mag Shops (Maggpie is our fearless design team for the event, and a huge reason it all looks so darn cool). Well, the stuff  wasn’t for sale … until now.

You see, Maggie and Jason, the talented design duo behind Maggpie, have collected a lot of stuff. And now they need to make room for more. So every once in a while (Maggie swears there’s no set schedule!) they’ll put an item up on their Instagram page with the hashtag #maggpieexcessivesale. Like an item? Be the first to call 215-644-9152 and it’s yours.

“It’s like what Jinxed does,” Maggie explained to me this afternoon. (Note: If you’re not following Jinxed on Instagram, you should. It’s the easiest way to nab some of their gone-in-a-flash items.)  “But it’s going to be more sporadic, kind of like when we feel like putting stuff up. I don’t want to flood Instagram with it because I don’t want people to think that what we do now is sell. It’s really just to liquidate some of our stuff so we can buy more inventory.”

Some of the items that will soon be up for grabs: small dressers, nightstands, side tables, perhaps a coffee table and some upholstered pieces, and smalls like trays and cake stands.

For now the sale is cash only. When you call, you’ll schedule a time to come pick it up (they don’t deliver, but can recommend someone who will). As for when it will begin? There’s no set date or time, but Maggie said they will “try to put our first thing out maybe at least by Friday.” Start obsessively checking your Instagram feed then. And a word to the wise: You should probably program the number in your speed-dial, as I’ve done. May the best shopper win.