Your Shopping Game Plan for Sunday’s Clover Market

How to shop one of our fave flea markets.

Attention: Clover Market is back in Chestnut Hill, Shoppists. This Sunday, April 13th, from 10am to 5pm,  the much-loved flea market will be setting up shop all along Highland Avenue (at Germantown Avenue) and in the large parking lot at 25 West Highland Avenue with their usual array of more than 100 vendors selling vintage/salvage furniture, new and vintage accessories, jewelry, clothes and handmade goods. It’s basically a treasure trove of the coolest stuff you can find—at much lower prices than if you were to find them at a brick-and-mortar.

Like all flea markets, though, it can be a tad overwhelming. To help you find the best stuff, we’ve compiled a Clover Market game-plan. Because smart shoppers are prepared shoppers. 

1. Get there early. We’re talking 10am early. Parking is easier the earlier you come, and you’ll get first dibs on all the cool stuff. (If you can’t make it early, then plan on going later in the day—around 3:30pm. Sure, you’ll miss out on some prime finds, but vendors also might be more likely to give you a deal on stuff that hasn’t sold yet.

2. Wear a cross-body bag and bring some reusable canvas totes. Cross-body bags keep your hands free so you can rummage around. Canvas totes let you lug your purchases around rather than holding a bunch of different shopping bags.

3. Bring cash. Many vendors accept credit card payment, but it’s always better to be on the safe side

4. Keep the kids busy. A free children’s craft is always offered at Clover. The Clover folks also suggest creating a scavenger hunt-style game so kids stay entertained while you browse.

5. Stay nourished and caffeinated.  There will be plenty of food and beverage trucks onsite (ReAnimator Coffee and Taco Mondo are two of our favorites) to sustain you for a long day of shopping.

6. Know where to go first. You can view a list of the vendors here, but there will be a ton of hidden gems as well. Keep your eyes peeled. Here are some of our favorite vendors you can scope out Sunday:

  • Circa Dee: vintage furniture with an earthy beach-y vibe.
  • Made by Liddy: repurposed paper art that puts a fresh spin on the spring wreath

We presume you’re already penciling this into your calendars (or at least you should be). So here’s a handy map for reference. Happy flea-marketing!


Photo via Clover Market.