Market Report: 18 Style Mistakes That Make You Look Older Than You Really Are

And more style tips to know right now.


  • Think having long hair, a tan, trendy clothes and smoky eyes makes you look younger? Think again. These common beauty and style mistakes are totally aging you.  [Health]
  • Want to buy a piece of Olympic history? Those Ralph Lauren Christmas sweaters team uniforms are now going on eBay for over $3,000! [Refinery29]

  • Pharrell Williams is making jeans out of ‘Bionic Yarn’ and he wants you to wear them! His eco-friendly denim collection will be made of plastic litter collected from the ocean, which will then be processed into the yarn. So you’re basically wearing trash, but it’s okay because it’s Pharrell’s trash. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Here, some of the best shots from New York Fashion Week, including fur crop tops, cow-print overalls and pretty celebs. [People]
  • How to make your lipstick actually stay on your lips: Exfoliate, use a primer, line with lipliner, apply lipstick in thin swipes, and finish off with a translucent powder. Whew. [Into The Gloss]