VIDEO: 35 Ways To Wear Your Eyeliner

Behold, the holy grail of eyeliner inspiration.


I’m a major proponent of step-by-step visual instructions. That’s why I was so excited when I stumbled across this treasure chest of makeup inspiration on Refinery29. The artsy video (complete with popping noises that recall VH1’s Pop Up Video) was made by Dutch makeup artist Ellis Faas in conjunction with I Love You magazine. It’s split into multiple segments, each of which highlights a makeup look how-to. The best part is that each step is displayed on the screen, which means you can see how the look will build with every cosmetic addition (this will save you crafty cotton swab clean-up later on). Plus, the looks are supplemented with variations to suit your taste or coloring (think: 20 different lipstick shades). Perhaps unsurprisingly, our favorite is the eyeliner segment (1:24). Sure, some of the looks skew more Gaga than most of us could pull off for everyday wear, but many of them we can totally see ourselves rocking. You’ll have to pry our felt-tipped eyeliners from our fingers.