Market Report: The Best Men’s Fashion Infographic Ever

The fashion and style news you need to know this morning.

  • The ultimate guide to dressing well. Seriously, it’s pretty on point. [Huffington Post]
  • Mariah Carey wears a red bikini to walk her dog in the snow. Of course she does. [People]

  • These 15 fancy-pants coats go so much better with cocktail dresses than your puffer jacket or wool peacoat. [Refinery 29]
  • Apparently, 2013 was the Year Of The Butt. Behold, this slideshow of the bums that turned heads, for better or for worse, this year. (Warning: There is a nearly NSFW pic of Rihanna’s denim thong in here. Ouch!) [The Cut]
  • Here, a handy crib sheet for how to wear white denim in winter. Fashion rules be damned! [Elle]