Are There Any Philly Songs Missing From This “Spotimap”?

Spotimap is just what it sounds like.

Screenshot of Javier Arce's Philadelphia Spotimap

Screenshot of Javier Arce’s Philadelphia Spotimap

In West Philadelphia born and raised may be one of the most well-known Philly-centric lines in recent American music history. Directly behind the DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince jam (or ahead of it, depending on your generation) are Bruce Springsteen’s Streets of Philadelphia, Elton John’s Philadelphia Freedom, and Neil Young’s Philadelphia. As you’d expect, these and other Phila-mentioning tunes are included on the Philadelphia Spotimap.

And yes, Spotimap is just what it sounds like. Madrid-based coder/cartographer Javier Arce has put together a GitHub map that allows users to click on a city and listen to Spotify-powered songs relating to that town. According to his GitHub page, the tracks selected for each city were “manually extracted from the Wikipedia article List of songs about cities,” which means not every song that counts may be on it.

Any other City of Brotherly Love songs you think are missing? Erica Palan came up with about eight that name-drop our city back in 2012. Anymore that could be included?

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