Daily Mail Says Harmony Mountain Estate Is in Philadelphia (It’s Not)

Although, it's forty minutes away by helicopter and now comes with a $50k cash incentive.

Poor research, click bait, or perhaps just an honest mistake caused by the British paper’s unfamiliarity with the area–for whatever the reason, a recent Daily Mail article erroneously situated Harmony Mountain in Philadelphia. Hahahah, NO.

The article claims the 16,000-square-foot home is “currently on the market in Philadelphia for $9,995,000” and comes with a new $50,000 cash incentive from the “American homeowner desperate to sell his $10 million mansion,” which he constructed for $24.5 million.

Now, we may have profiled the massive, art-filled, bullet proof estate back in January, but rest assured: Harmony Mountain is not in Philadelphia. (Also, the real estate agent is Sotheby’s, not Sotherby’s as DM mentions.)

To put it in perspective, we’re closer to New York (the city), which is about 95 miles away. Waverly, Pennsylvania, the estate’s actual location, on the other hand? There’s 133 miles between us!

Heck, we even poked fun at the home’s accompanying brochure for advertising its 40-minute helicopter commute to Philly, which interestingly, the Daily Mail changes to a “40 minute helicopter ride away from New York.”

In all fairness though, a look at the property’s updated press release states that it’s a “40 min helicopter ride from NY or PA.” Hmm…a regular car ride from HM to Philadelphia would take around two hours, so HM to NYC…well, something isn’t adding up.

But I mean, it is for sale so if you want to move out to the hills of Lackawanna County (and don’t mind a lengthy commute), Harmony Mountain sits on 100 acres of it.

Beds: 4
Baths: 7 full, 3 half
Square feet: 16,000
Price: $9,995,000

Listing: 1 Reynolds Road, Waverly, PA, 18471 [Sotheby’s International Realty]