Zoning Board to Consider Strippers and Strip Steaks. Plus: Photos of Rob Laflar’s Mansion

It was always a strange mix: exotic dance venue + steakhouse. But Christine’s Cabaret had more going against it than an odd business model. In fact, when the Zoning Board of Adjustments has a hearing to determine its fate a few hours from now, it will almost certainly be the most salacious ZBA hearing in recent memory.

The club was owned by the late Rob Laflar, who owned a number of like venues. He was charged with murder after a fight broke out in front of one of his clubs, but he overdosed before he could be tried. He was also being investigated by the FBI at the time. Now it appears to be owned by another upstanding citizen, as PlanPhilly’s Jared Brey reports:

…the owner of the property at 6130 W. Passyunk Ave., according to court documents, is Henry “Ed” Alfano, who was indicted in the federal corruption probe of Philadelphia’s recently abolished Traffic Court for a ticket-fixing scheme involving traffic judge Fortunato Perri, Sr.

At issue for the ZBA, though, is whether food can be served at that location and how far away it is, by feet, from the Purple Orchid, another strip club.

It’s completely unclear at this point who wants to open the place for business anyway.

Meanwhile, for your enjoyment, here’s the mansion where Rob Laflar lived when steak and stripping were still paying the bills:

Fate of Philly strip club to be decided tonight