Make a Counter Offer: How to choose the right countertop material

Anyone who watches HGTV knows that the list of demands for any House Hunter will most definitely include granite countertops. Granite counters give a home’s value a bit of a boost in the eyes of most buyers—they stand up to heat and cutting well, and don’t typically chip or crack. But granite isn’t the only option when looking for a high-end impact in your kitchen. Learn how to choose the right countertop material for your needs. Other options to consider include:

Limestone: This granite alternative is a nice option if you aren’t a fan of veining. But while it’s heat-resistant, limestone is also soft, meaning it’s easy to scratch and nick.

Marble comes with a bit of cache, and while a pretty patterned stone that’s heat-resistant, it comes with a few cons. For starters, it’s not very durable, scratching and staining pretty easily.
Soapstone: Although a softer stone, soapstone can be a bit resilient. If you’re looking for a lighter counter color, this option isn’t for you—it’s always a dark, almost black shade.

A beautiful kitchen at 5811 Ridgeview Drive in Buckingham.

A beautiful kitchen at 5811 Ridgeview Drive in Buckingham.

Butcher Block: This material is great for food prep, but it shows burns, spills and scratches pretty easily, so it might not be ideal for folks who dislike worn looks in their home.

Stainless Steel: Shiny stainless steel will have you feeling like a Top Chef and is stainproof, spill proof and easy to clean. However, if the fingerprints on your stainless steel appliances drive you crazy, you may want to reconsider this option.

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