4 Delicious Ideas for Your Brunch Wedding Menu

brunch wedding

A brunch wedding spread by Philly-area caterers / Photography by Jillian Guyette / Styling by Emilie Fosnocht / Shot on location at Maximalist Studios

We’ve waxed plenty poetic about brunch — that magical meal that combines the best of everything, from breakfast waffles to lunch salads to dinner desserts, and whatever else you’re craving. It’s an ideal choice for a wedding reception, particularly if you’re like us, and prefer to celebrate in daylight and get a good sleep in far before the clock ticks midnight. So, use these tips from Philly-area caterers to design the brunch wedding menu of your culinary dreams.

Start With A.M. Drinks and Apps

Satisfy post-ceremony food cravings with savory snacks and drinks that break the brunch mold. Menu inspiration in the above photo, from top left:

Don’t Skimp on the Spreads

brunch wedding

A DIY bagel bar, like this one by Essen Bakery, lets your guests pick their toppings of choice. Including, from left:

Slice up a “Cheese” Cake

cheese cake

Instead of a traditional pastry, give fromage a spin by way of Charcuterie Chic’s four-tiered creation, made entirely of cheese wheels (from top: brie, manchego, queso fresco and reggianito). To serve, cut each wheel into quarters. Then crumble the queso fresco and reggianito, slice the manchego, and spread the brie.

Save Room for Pastries


Whether they’re sweet or savory, these carb-loaded twists on breakfast classics ensure your guests get their fill. Menu inspiration from top left:

Maximalist Studios is a one-stop shop for private events and commercial photo sessions, with various spaces, furniture and myriad props, many of which were used in these photos.

Published as “Morning Toast” in the summer/fall issue of Philadelphia Wedding.