5 Favorite Things with Local Wedding Photographer Asya Shirokova

Asya Shirokova

Asya Shirokova

Every time we scroll through Asya Shirokova‘s colorful Instagram, we’re immediately hit with a wave of jealousy. The local photographer—she’s been snapping wedding photos here in Philly for over eight years—is constantly traveling, and she never fails to document the prettiest moments for us all to see.

Among the picture-perfect lattes (she loves a good cappuccino) and stunning wedding shots that fill her feed, you’ll find evidence of her worldly adventures. Asya grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia—she’s actually there right now!—and traveling became a passion of hers at an early age. Now, she takes advantage of any opportunity to hop a flight to somewhere far away, whether it’s to photograph a destination wedding or relax with her nearest and dearest.

To get an idea of what’s inspiring Asya and her work right now, we chatted with her (after she slept off the jet lag!) about a few of her favorite things. Here’s what she had to say:

Favorite location you’ve ever traveled to for a wedding Bermuda. The wedding ceremony was right on the beach surrounded by beautiful rocks and cliffs. The reception was inside a tent with lanterns draped throughout overlooking the water. The lighting was magical and all of the locals were so friendly.

Favorite place to find inspiration Anywhere in nature. But specifically, Tulum, Mexico. I go there every winter to unwind, relax and be inspired. The energy of the place is really powerful.

Favorite photographer or artist who influences your work For wedding inspiration, Elizabeth Messina is always a favorite. For history and photojournalism, I love Josef Koudelka.

Favorite wedding venue to shoot in Philly This is a hard one because there are so many great venues! Lately, I have been really enjoying the College of Physicians. I love that they are right in the city and offer an outdoor ceremony space in their beautiful medicinal garden. I also love the atmosphere and history of the space and the staff is so friendly.

Favorite thing to do when you’re not photographing a wedding Travel! When I am not shooting, I am hopping on a plane to explore new places or visit old ones. I am originally from Russia and go back there a couple times a year to visit family. Although I am Russian, I do not like the cold, so I migrate south and spend my winters in Tulum. My family is scattered all over the world—Russia, Israel, India, Sweden, the U.S. I love visiting them and exploring new places together. I am fascinated by people, culture and traditions, so traveling is also a source inspiration for me. Aside from travel, I love to cook, read and practice and teach yoga.

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