Here’s How Much Money You Would’ve Made if You Invested in the Stock Market Instead of Having a Wedding



Money may not be among the more fun wedding topics that we cover on the blog, but with wedding costs rising every year (the average cost in 2014 was $31,213 to be exact), it’s not exactly one that we can ignore.

And while we’re not looking to rub salt in the wound or anything, you guys have got to take a look at this, because wow, is it fascinating: Slate recently came out with an interesting little web tool that calculates, based on how many years you’ve been married and the cost of your wedding, the amount of money you would have today if you had invested in the stock market instead of having a wedding.

For example: A couple who has been married for, say, five years and who spent $40,000 on their Big Day would hypothetically have made $81,903 if they had invested the money instead. Interesting(/startling) stuff, huh?

If you’re feeling daring enough give the tool a try, try it out here.

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