Hold On to Your Hat: The Average Wedding Now Costs More Than $30,000



After the numbers were crunched last year, it was found that, yet again, the cost of the average wedding had gone up from the previous year (which it has been doing steadily since recovering from our last recession): the average wedding in 2013 cost $29,858.

Well, the numbers have been crunched for 2014, readers, and it is our duty to announce that the average has now jumped right on over $30,000.

According to the latest study from the Knot, we’re now at $31,213. And according to the specifics, that’s with the average amount spent on both invitations and favors going down from the previous year (catering costs, however, have gone up).

The venue still takes the biggest chomp out of the budget—followed by that bling on your left ring finger and the live band that you’ve opted for over a DJ.

A few other random stats to come out of the study: Parents tend to foot about 43-percent of the costs, and guest spending has gone down to about $106 per wedding gift.

You know. Just in case you didn’t already feel like you were signing enough checks.

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