Video: Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s Friends Think All Their Party Invitations Are for Their Secret Wedding 

You know how celebs’s favorite thing to do these days—well, and real people are doing it more and more, too—is have a wedding that is not only a secret but a surprise? Like, Come on over for this casual dinner party and then Oh, just kidding, it’s actually our wedding!

Well apparently, most of Jennifer Aniston and fiance-of-over-two-years Justin Theroux’s friends fully suspect at this point that that’s what these two are going to do—Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi included—and this clip of the actress on Ellen’s show talking about how, say, friends Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher even showed up for the Aniston/Theroux Fourth of July BBQ in their wedding finery this summer is pretty hysterical:

Aniston swears that when it happens—because apparently, this wedding is actually happening—that all the people who need to know will know. And for our parts, we’ll just be sitting around waiting to see the dress.

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