Here’s Robin’s Wedding Dress from How I Met Your Mother—and Where to Find It in Philly

Robin Sherbotsky, rocking Monique Lhuillier on her fictitious wedding day.

Robin Sherbatsky, rocking Monique Lhuillier on her fictitious wedding day.

SPOILER WARNING: If the wedding episode of How I Met Your Mother is still languishing on your DVR, avert your eyes! (This is coming to you today, admittedly, and not yesterday, because it had done just that on mine.)

Well, Robin Scherbatsky has been wearing her wedding dress for quite a few of the most recent episodes of HIMYM—but now that she and Barney have rode off into the Farhampton sunset, we thought it was officially time to aid you in your quest to find Robin’s dress, should you find yourself obsessed with it and wanting to try it on and possibly even wear it on your Big Day. (And rightly so. We’re pretty obsessed, ourselves.)

The dress in question is Monique Lhuillier’s Addie, from her Spring 2011 bridal collection. (Robin’s peeps added the sparkly sash.) And while it is not currently hanging among the pretty racks at The Wedding Shoppe in Wayne, owner Pattie Lamantia assures me that it’s available by special order—so if you’d like to give it a twirl, simply mention it when you call the shop to make your appointment.

(And then let us know how it goes!)

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