42 Handy Infographics That Will Help You Plan Your Wedding

Here one of our favorite Philadelphia Wedding infographics. Click to enlarge.

Here one of our favorite Philadelphia Wedding infographics. Click to enlarge.

Before you start scrolling through this post, you might want to make sure your printer is warmed up.

Infographics are often quite cute and/or funny and/or clever—but the thing is, they can also be really helpful. It’s a way to break down a lot of information—or a complicated process—into easy-to-follow piece or steps; they’re like little reference guides in illustrated form.

Weddings are a frequent topic of infographics, and we love love this roundup on Buzzfeed of diagrams that illustrate just about every wedding topic from budgets, bridesmaids and bouquets to guests, gowns and gratuities.

We’ve actually created and shared a good deal of wedding-related infographics right here on PW, too (our fave, if we do say so ourselves, is the one we whipped up for the back page of our fall/winter 2013 issue, above), so we thought we’d add those to the list, and let you peruse ’em all in one spot. Between them, we’re pretty sure we can answer all your questions right here with a bunch of funny little pictures pictures.

So yeah, like we said. You’re probably going to want to fire up that printer.

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