PHOTOS: Have You Seen Kaley Cuoco’s Hanging Upside Down Wedding Cake?

Photo via Kaley Cuoco/Instagram.

Photo via Kaley Cuoco/Instagram.

I’ve seen a good bit of coverage of Kaley Cuoco’s wedding—which has been all over the place, I guess, in part because it was one of those “secret” celebrity weddings that are all the thing right now, because it happened so fast (they’ve been dating for six months), because she wore a pink gown, which has also become so the thing these days (have you seen our new spring/summer 2014 issue??)—and all of it has been very pretty and fun. But, you know, run-of-the-mill celebrity wedding stuff.

Until the detail I saw only today: the cake!

Have you seen her cake? It is CRAY. Click here, please, and you shall see it. It resembles a chandelier and is hanging upside down from the ceiling. That’s a new one for me!

Honestly, even though the wedding is over and we know it all worked out and was super cool, just looking at these photos makes me  nervous. I can hardly stand to watch Philly’s local bakers load the beautiful cakes they make for our photo shoots into our photo studio from their trucks, and that’s something they do a bajillion and a half times a year! And as you can read in this interview with Kaley’s baker, Kimberly Bailey of The Butter End (ha!) bakery, this was a first for her.

I mean, aesthetically, the cake itself is not my personal cup of tea, but overall, this whole concept and the success pulling off of this concept is just so fun and different and impressive! Especially because the cake is one wedding detail that can be a little hard to change up.

What do you think? Do you predict a rush on hanging upside down cakes this spring?

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