Watch This Video of a Dude Proposing in Free Fall While Skydiving

And yes, he even hands over the ring.

I honestly think I can say that the absolute most common denominator in every proposal story I’ve ever heard—both in real life, from friends, family, coworkers, readers, etc., and by way of the media—is that the guy is super nervous about actually having the ring on his person right before he does it: If he’s proposing on vacation, he’s a wreck going through airport security. If he’s proposing on a ski lift in Aspen, he’s holding his hands weirdly on his jacket pockets the whole time. And on and on.

That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw this video below, which features crazy man Robin proposing to his girlfriend Ashley while in free fall. And I don’t just mean actually asking her to marry him. (Though how he does that is actually really clever.) I mean that he literally hands over the ring while they’re a bajillion feet above the ground! I mean, he has a plan, and all, for how to do that safely, but still. It’s nuts.

And really cute. Take a look:

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