BRIDAL DIET: 25 Bad Weight-Loss Myths, Busted

BRIDAL DIET: 25 Bad Weight-Loss Myths, Busted


Whether it’s good or bad, we’re not sure we’ve ever met a bride who wasn’t trying to trim off a least a few—really, even if it’s five—lbs before their Big Day. And usually, that means they’re trying a little bit of everything—including, a lot of times, a few cliches and myths, in order to meet their weight-loss goal.

That’s why we’re so glad our buds at Be Well Philly tipped us off to this Prevention article about the 25 worst diet myths, ever—because it clears up so many misconceptions about tons of typical weight-loss “tips,” from calorie counting and gluten-, fat-, and carb-free diets to banning dessert and juicing.

It’s a good one. Read through their slideshow, and then take another look at your get-dress-ready plan.

For more about bridal health and fitness, go here.

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