Internet Fundraising For Homeless Man Who Returned Woman’s Lost Engagement Ring Reaches Over $150,000

This does not pertain to wedding planning, we realize, but it’s such a feel good story—and one that so many of you can relate to, concerning the idea of losing your engagement ring like this!—we just had to share for those of you who haven’t heard about it yet, and update the rest of you!

A woman in Kansas City realized, after she couldn’t find her diamond engagement ring, that she must have dropped it into the cup, along with some change, of a homeless man she had passed by earlier that day. When she found him again to find out if that was, in fact, what had happened, he confirmed it—and handed it right back to her.

To show their thanks, she and her husband started a fundraising effort for the man on—and today, his pot is up to over $166,000. The man, Billy Ray Harris, doesn’t think he deserves all this attention, simply for “returning something that doesn’t belong to him,” but the rest of the world doesn’t seem to agree with him.

It’s just so lovely. Read more details about the story here—and donate here.

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