Photos, Inspiration & Ideas For Your Wedding While Sandy Keeps You Stuck Inside

Looking like you'll be sticking to your couch today? Here are some things to consider while you're sittin' there.

Photos, Inspiration & Ideas For Your Wedding While Sandy Keeps You Stuck Inside

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Currently, we, too, are sitting on our couch, laptop on lap, Action News on the TV. And we know we’re not alone.

So, just in case you you get tired of staring at SEPTA reports and terrifying photos of the devastation in your favorite Shore town, we thought we’d compile some Bridal Bulletin posts that offer up inspiration, photos, ideas, a little entertainment, and things to ponder for your Big Day. Stay dry today, still, everyone!

Centerpieces & Tablescapes What kind of centerpieces do you envision at your reception? Here are some ideas, complete with coordinating linens and tableware—complete tablescapes!—from local Philly florists.

The Best Made-in-Philly Welcome Bags For Your Out-of-Town Guests Welcome your traveling guests to your wedding with a goodie bag filled with the city’s best treats.

Bridal Gowns With Gorgeous Backs We’re loving gowns right now that have beautiful, detailed backs. Here are some of our faves from Philly bridal salons.

15 Ideas For Your Wedding Bar Mini bottles of tequila, anyone?

Crying Grooms This is just for cuteness and entertainments’ sake: Let’s look at pictures of 24 grooms losing it when they see their bride for the first time.

This Bride is Insane Ok, this is just another one we always have to reread when we see it: It’s the most insane email a bride has ever sent her bridesmaids.

You’ve got to plan that honeymoon, right?  We’re daydreaming right now about these amazing getaways to Panama and Thailand.

Keeping Your Wedding Gifts Safe at Your Reception Something to plan ahead for: Never leave your card table unattended during your wedding! Here’s how.

Photos: Wedding Cakes Personalized With Monograms, Quotes and Poems This is currently our favorite way to decorate a wedding cake.

That Website Where People Sell Stuff They Want to Get Rid of After a Breakup It’s a fantastic rainy day perusal.

We’re So Into Shoe Clips Right Now They seem to be everywhere these days, and we think they’re super pretty.

What To Order at 8 Center City Restaurants to Stay On Your Bridal Diet It’s a really awesome cheat sheet. Maybe keep it in your purse.

Inspiration: BHLDN’s “Before I Do” Hair & Makeup How-To Video Hair and makeup and styling ideas from Anthropologie’s so-pretty wedding brand.

How Many People On Your Guest List Have You Slept With? Hmm mmm. It’s a legit question. Have you and your groom had the ‘Are we inviting the exes’ talk?

12 Alternatives to the Rice Toss No, and we’re not just talking about bubbles. Know how to fold a paper airplane?

The Perfect Bridesmaid Gift: John Wind’s New Initial Jewelry These are so cute, and priced so well. We’d actually like one of each, please.

3 Easy Ways to Get Fit in Philly Without Going Near a Gym or Studio Do these right now! Well, maybe after you’re finished reading this post.

What a Business-Owner Bride Should Know Before Tying the Knot Some really smart things to consider, from a Philly lawyer.

Our Fave Kate Spade Bridal Accessories Who says everything’s got to be white?

What else is everyone doing to keep themselves un-bored today?

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