Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: Hello & My Proposal!

Eric's proposal to Kristy in Rittenhouse Square this past Christmas! Captured by Eric's friend, Benjamin Baker.

Will you marry me, Philadelphia?

Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, home of LOVE Park, and come on, now—who couldn’t love the Phillie Phanatic (even during this season)?  I grew up right outside of Philadelphia in South Jersey, and this city stole my heart at a young age.  I loved the awe of the city, looking at its grand skyline from across the river, seeing the Macy’s holiday light show with my family every year, and grabbing the speed line for shopping trips in the city with my grandmother. Every street I walk, every corner I turn, there’s something in this city that reminds me of happy memories.

But enough about my love for Philadelphia—let me tell you a little bit about the true love of my life!  Eight years ago, I was introduced to my fiancé, Eric. We had our first date in Philadelphia—a Something Corporate and Yellowcard concert at the Electric Factory—followed by many dates to quaint BYOBs throughout the city.

2011 was a different year for Eric and I. We typically don’t give Christmas gifts—we do trips like a long weekend in the Poconos or a day of snowboarding—but time got away from us, we didn’t do a trip, and just weeks before Christmas, I was fighting for a M83 record from Urban Outfitters and an iPhone case at the Apple store to wrap and place under the tree. But Eric had something else in mind: When we finally got back to our apartment Christmas night, I gave Eric his gifts, and I got a card (oh joy).  There was no physical gift, but there was an offer inside: a night out for dinner just for the two of us. Not the typical weekend escape but heck, I thought, I’ll take a good meal with my favorite guy.

So, Thursday December 29th, I rushed home from work and threw on dress and we headed out for dinner. We scurried into Parc right on Rittenhouse Square and scored an intimate table right near a window. It was a frigid night, bone-chilling cold, but we couldn’t resist a walk around the Square, all lit up with Christmas lights, to admire the beauty of this city that we fell in love in. On our final corner turn, I got a kiss on the cheek, and then Eric got down on one knee and proposed to me. (And he had his friend sneakily waiting on a bench nearby in order to snap a picture when it happened!) I was overjoyed and so excited, and to experience one of the happiest moments of my life in this beautiful, loving city was overwhelmingly perfect!

I fell in love with this city, and will forever remember the love and moments I’ve experienced in it so far.  Thank you Philly, and I can’t wait for more of these memories to come.

With Love,




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