Bride-to-be Blogger Kathleen: What If We Don’t Have A Song?


What do you do if you don’t have a “song”?

Back in the day, couples almost always had a specific song, it seems, that had some sort of significance to their relationship when they were dating. Then, that particular song would automatically become their wedding song. So, what happens if you don’t really have one?

Over the past few years, Christian and I have made each other plenty of CD mixes and posted numerous sappy love songs on each others’ Facebook pages—but nothing has ever been labeled our staple song as a couple. Which means we have to assign ourselves one (so magical). Which means we have one more thing to plan. One more thing to sit and analyze. One more thing to lose sleep over … Though maybe I won’t be the one losing sleep for once.

A huge part of me feels like asking Christian to pick out a song and have it be a surprise for me. I am already going to be an emotional mess as it is, but there might be something extra special about not knowing what song the love of my life will choose for our first dance together as husband and wife. I think I’ve decided that I am going to hand this task over to the future hubs. I trust Christian’s taste in music and I know he will take this task seriously.

Though I can’t say I’ll be surprised if he chooses “The Humpty Dance” to kick-off our first official day as a married couple.

Did anyone else out there not have a song? How did you decide what you would dance your first dance to?


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