Bride-to-be Blogger Alyse: Our Honeymoon Destination


The day after Kevin and I got engaged, we immediately began searching online for honeymoon destinations: South of France! Monaco! Let’s wait to find out where Will and Kate go and then just do that! But as the wedding got—well, let’s call it “fancier”—the honeymoon started to get “less fancy.” At one point I joked that we would be packing up the reception leftovers and heading down to the Jersey Shore. Oh, and it’d be great if someone could give us a ride, because we don’t have a car.

We promised not to think about the honeymoon again until it was six months before the wedding, so that we could get a good grasp on what was feasible. We eventually came to terms with the fact that we wanted to stay in the time zone, avoid long flights, and avoid a lot of “must see activities” that don’t involve a beach or a good drink. Relaxation and a few good meals were the only requirements.

After monitoring flight prices and digging for hotel deals (some of Kevin’s favorite activities) we booked a trip to Turks and Caicos. We are going to wait to leave until Monday morning after the wedding because it works better with flights (and because “regrouping” and “getting my life back in order” happen to be some of my favorite activities). I know we aren’t going to regret choosing the relaxing honeymoon option.

I am going to resist telling you that we are going to on a big, exotic, faraway, highly planned trip for our first year anniversary. If you haven’t noticed, this is something that engaged couples say, like, all of the time. If it happens, great, but for now, we have more than our fair share of things to look forward to.

How did you plan your honeymoon? What factors did you consider?


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