Bride-to-be Blogger Alyse: Wedding Planning Over Christmas Break

Alyse is staying on top of that to-do list over her Christmas break! iStockphoto.

The holiday season, with all of the catching up with family and friends it brings, has made me realize how all over the place I am with responding to wedding questions. For most people, I answer the “How’s the wedding planning going?” question with something casual, like, “It’s been good so far. I think things will really kick in after the new year.” (I’m so chill). With my parents and Kevin, it’s all business: “The purpose of this conversation is to confer about, and then decide upon, the mode of transportation for the wedding party and guests on July 7, 2012. Discuss.” I save the good stuff—like the fact that I’ve been having literal nightmares about my wedding day—for this blog. You’re welcome.

But if you want to see a truly different side of your wedding-planning-self, then I highly suggest having one of your best and oldest friends plan a wedding at the same time as you. Being mutual bridesmaids for each other also helps. Luckily for me, I have this, and reverting back to our high school-style giddiness has been a highlight of planning so far. To paraphrase some of the conversations: “What!” ” I know!” and “That’s exactly how I felt, Ex-act-ly.” It is nice to have someone to share these deep feelings with. The squeals alone would be enough to concern any grown up. Plus, she is also planning a Philly wedding from New York, so there’s practical talk along with the giddiness.

So now I’m off to Philly for Christmas, to-do list firmly in hand. I am planning on conducting a formal survey of my extended family’s favorite church songs (informal discussions began over Thanksgiving), and compiling some potential readings, and taking a poll. Basically, I will be doing Catholic wedding-ceremony stuff this weekend—the true meaning of Christmas. Happy Holidays!

Do you find yourself all over the place in conversations about wedding planning? Are you doing any planning over the holidays or taking a break?



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