New Workout Class Punches Pounds Away

Pilates + Kickboxing = Piloxing!

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Hey brides,

Whenever one of my brilliant colleagues posts something on any of our sister sites that I think just may be of interest to you, dear readers, I always make sure to share it—and our lovely health and fitness editor Emily Leaman has just come up with a piece of news I feel certain will pique your interest, inevitably obsessed as you are right now with kicking your own butt into dress-wearing shape: It’s Piloxing!

Yes, Piloxing. Apparently, it’s a fab combo of Pilates and kickboxing being taught at Center City’s Thrive Pilates, and it more than sounds like something you should look into to get dress-ready. I’m thinking it even sounds like something I may look into to get jeans-ready, but that’s a whole other story.

Check out all the details here, and if you try it and it’s awesome, please share in the comments!

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