Bride-to-be Blogger Leslie: Three Weeks Away!

Leslie and Charles at the last wedding they'll attend before their own!

This weekend, Charles and I traveled to Wilmington, Delaware to attend the wedding of our friends Chrissy & Alex. It was crazy to think that this would be the last wedding we would attend together as Leslie & Charles before we become husband and wife — a.k.a. more of a package deal than we already are!

While this wedding was beautiful and by far one of the biggest I have ever attended, in a strange way, it was hard for me to enjoy it! We are seriously coming down to the wire — less than three weeks away — and Charles and I both have so much to do. I was comparing every detail of the Delaware wedding to my own — the transportation, the food, the flowers, the band — pretty much the entire thing!

I am sure this will still be the case to an extent after our wedding has come and gone, but I believe it will be more in a reminiscing/looking back sort of way, as opposed to a “I hope everything comes together right” sort of way!

If you are married, do you compare your wedding to those that you attend? If you aren’t married, do you look at weddings you go to and pick and choose things that you would like for your own?

This week is another jam-packed, fun-filled week full of wedding to-dos! We are going to be working on the seating charts, picking up our marriage license, and both Charles and I have our bachelor/bachelorette parties planed for this weekend! Can’t wait!

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