Wanna Blog For Us?

Well, let's talk ...

Hey brides,

Something a little sad is going on right now. Well, not sad, really, I guess … For the three other people it affects, it’s probably more along the lines of happy, joyous, euphoric, blissful — and more words that sound like that. It’s mostly sad for me, because my three little birds are leaving the nest and leaving me to sit alone at my computer as an empty-nester editor: My three bridal bloggers are getting married!

Duh, you’re probably saying, that’s kind of the point. And yes, I know. But it’s also recently dawned on me that that means I need to find new little birds (er, lovely, mature, bridal bloggers) who will fill their places in the nest (or, you know, the blogosphere … maybe time to abandon this analogy) once they’re all said and done. Jennifer, as you may know, was married nearly a month ago (happy nearly one-month anniversary, Jennifer!) and will be checking in twice more to fill us in on her Big Day and her honeymoon, but then she’s a wrap. Leslie and Danielle are both tying the knot on May 21st, and then after their last reflections, they’ll be outta here, too. And then what the heck am I going to do?

Find new ones, of course! And so here is my announcement, and my plea: Wanna blog for Philadelphia Wedding?

Here are the things to think about: It would be ideal if you …

…  were somewhat newly engaged — or, even if you’ve been engaged for a while, still be, like, a year or so out from your wedding date (we want to come along on as much of this journey with you as we can!).

…  liked to write — you don’t have to do it for a living, but if you find you have otherwise enjoyed blogging, always got As on your college papers, and regularly impress both loved ones and business associates alike with your articulate and possibly funny and heartwarming emails, so much the better.

… are having a Philly wedding! This can extend to the PA,NJ, and even DE suburbs, and your vendors should all be from this area, though you can ask me about any exceptions. (And, I realize you may possibly only have a venue picked and maybe another vendor or two, which is fine, as long as you don’t have plans to scurry off to NYC or somesuch to make the rest of your hires.)

… are cool with doing one post a week — and providing pics whenever possible — from the time you sign on until your Big Day! (Plus, you know, your Big Day and honeymoon wrap-up posts.)

… are cool with seeing my name a lot in your inbox, both to check on maybe where your weekly post is, ask a dumb question, etc., etc. Just ask Leslie, Danielle and Jennifer, who can confirm this, and who will hopefully also not tell you that I am an evil editrix who should also have a movie made about her.

… are cool with the fact that this is not a paid gig (well, except for a meal with yours truly and your fellow bloggers at your gig’s conclusion!), at least not monetarily speaking. Your bounty will overflow, however, with love from our little Philly bridal community.

And that’s all I can think of for now! If you’re interested, please drop me a line at cdenny@phillymag.com, and tell me what your deal is: Who are you and your fiance? When and where are you getting married? What parts have you figured out so far? Why do you want to do this? And all that jazz. Also ask me any questions that I didn’t already answer here. And if you’re not interested, but think an engaged friend might be, please pass this humble request along to her.

Hope to hear from you soon!



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