Bride-to-be Blogger Jennifer: Welcoming Our Guests

Photo by Meyer Photography

We have quite a few out-of-town guests coming in for our wedding in a little more than three weeks. I’ve been working closely with the hotel to keep track of how many rooms are booked, and after figuring out a few snafus (though I can’t complain too much —this is the only part of the process so far that has caused us much grief!), I think we have about 35-40 rooms booked with friends and family. That’s a lot of people going pretty far out of their way to come and spend our day with us.

To welcome them to the wedding, and as an added thanks, we want to put together welcome bags to have waiting for them in their hotel room. We are having some trouble deciding what to include in the bags, though  — especially since we are having so many people.

What would you like to receive in a welcome bag? Or if you’re planning on doing them for your guests, what are you including? Are you going to be doing any other special “welcoming” to your Big Day?

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