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How — and Why — I Told My Teenage Daughter About My Abortion

From the Archives: In this column from 2004, the author revisits the most difficult conversation she ever had with her daughter.


Celebrating Independence Day After Roe Was Overturned Feels Hollow


Philly Photographer Describes Capturing History at City Hall’s Massive Roe Protest


The Ugly Philly-Centric Feud at the Center of America’s 250th Birthday Celebration

Latest Stories

Society: Another Scandal in Gladwyne

Phones started jingling early in Gladwyne on December 28th, the Tuesday after Christmas: “Did you hear what happened at the pharmacy?” asked Maurice Tannenbaum at […]

The Good Life: Should This Man Be Smiling?

Are you happy, Marty? The Marty in question is Martin E.P. Seligman, who, in this winter week in question, might just be the best-known psychologist […]

Contrarian: The Thin Booze Line

It’s a kind of philosophical riddle, like the one about the tree that falls in the forest with no one around to hear it. Is […]

Exit Interview: Jonathan Estrin

“Hollywood” and “Drexel University dean” make as much sense together as “classy” and “Delaware Avenue,” but when the school’s Media Arts and Design chief, Jonathan […]

In the Name of the Son

Last June 5th, Michael Berg was asked by an international anti-war organization to make a speech in Lafayette Park, across from the White House. It […]

Contrarian: Let’s Join Jersey!

By the time you read this, cash-starved SEPTA may be cutting train service to weekend levels and charging $3 for a bus ride. Transit systems […]

Six of Philly’s Best Writers on How the Past Year Changed the City — and Us All

Six of Philly’s Best Writers on How the Past Year Changed the City — and Us All

After a long, unprecedented year, Philadelphia is still standing. We asked these powerful voices to reflect on how their favorite places in the city evolved and endured.

Jill Biden Is Exactly What Washington, D.C., Needs: A Philly Girl

Jill Biden Is Exactly What Washington, D.C., Needs: A Philly Girl

The First Lady’s no-nonsense, relatable strength — born in New Jersey and forged in Willow Grove — is key to who she is and why she endures.

Exit Interview: Kim Delaney

She made you cry when she died in a Jet Ski explosion on All My Children. She made you care as a no-nonsense detective on […]

Empire of the Rising Starr

The December leadership meeting of the Starr Restaurant Organization is in session, and Stephen Starr’s attention deficit disorder is raging full-force. Tangerine, SRO’s Moroccan-cum-Mediterranean fusion […]

How Much Are Those Manolos in the Window?

Sometime in the late ’80s, I was kicked back on the couch, watching television with my girlfriend. It was a documentary about fascism, and there […]

My Philadelphia Story: Lynne Abraham

Are you allergic to cats? They live here in the office. This is their home. We went from dogs to cats fairly rapidly. Always had […]

How T.O. Saved Us

Terrell Owens  rescued Philadelphia. He brought glamour and glitz and an electrifying jolt of good vibrations to the city, which was suffering in the spiritual […]

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How the Pandemic Turned a South Philly Golf Course Into the City’s Best New Park

How the Pandemic Turned a South Philly Golf Course Into the City’s Best New Park

The former municipal golf course at FDR Park became an indispensable natural refuge for many locked-down South Philadelphians over the past year.

An Oral History of the Sound of Philadelphia

An Oral History of the Sound of Philadelphia

Fifty years after founding their legendary Philadelphia International Records, Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, with friends and collaborators from Thom Bell to John Oates to Patti LaBelle, look back on the musical partnership that came to define the city.

Power: Sherman’s Last Stand

Mark Sherman, the Savior of East Falls, wants to show me his horses. Really. He’s got steeds. Five of them. This is an eyebrow-raiser for […]

Get Fit Now!: The Trainer Tells All

I had been working out with a woman for months when one day, out of nowhere, she dropped the bomb. “I have been giving you […]

Music: Raising Her Voice

Lelia is about to go on. The houselights have dimmed, on this cold November night, inside Indre Studios in South Philly. The audience, about a […]

Get Fit Now!: Workouts That Work

Remember when exercise was simple? There was the Jane Fonda approach — pull on those leg warmers and get physical! The Pumping Iron approach — […]

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