Philly Coronavirus News: PLCB Liquor Sales Resume But Sound Like They Could Be a Big, Bungled Mess

Here's what you need to know.

ardmore wine and spirits shop, one of the pennsylvania wine and spirits stores that has reopened for curbside pickup only during the coronavirus crisis in the philadelphia area

The PLCB’s Fine Wine & Spirits shop in Ardmore, which has reopened for curbside pickup only. (Photo by Victor Fiorillo)

A roundup of Philly coronavirus news.

PLCB Stores Now Offer Curbside Pickup During Coronavirus Crisis

Here’s a brief history of the PLCB’s activities during the coronavirus crisis:

  • First, the PLCB shut most of the wine and spirits stores in the Philly area thanks to the coronavirus.
  • Then, the PLCB shut all of the wine and spirits stores, but you could still order wine and booze online.
  • After that, the PLCB put the kibosh on the online sales.
  • Then, on April 1st, Governor Wolf announced the return of online sales. But most of the time when we tried the online ordering site, it was down. And when we did get on, the availability was sketchy at best.

Now? The PLCB has started curbside pickup on Monday morning. We’re going to keep an open mind here, but it could be a bungled mess. One reason for our apprehension is that only some PLCB stores are open for curbside pickup. Here is a full list. You find the one you want to order from and call the store (yes, you actually call, like this is 2008 or something) to place an order between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. But note that stores may stop taking orders earlier if they get too busy.

Stores also may not have what you want in stock, so be prepared to be flexible. We’re not saying you need to drink Cupcake if you’re calling to order Opus One, but don’t expect miracles.

Once you and the clerk settle on your order (no more than six bottles per customer), you pay by credit card. And then you pick up your order outside the store. Let us know how it goes. And godspeed.

Mask-Wearing Now Mandatory in All Pa. Essential Businesses

Last week, we told you that Pennsylvania health secretary Rachel Levine and Governor Tom Wolf finally decided to make mask-wearing mandatory in all grocery stores and other essential businesses.

That order just went into effect on Sunday night at 8 p.m. So if you are leaving the house today to seek toilet paper, hand sanitizer or whatever else you need, bring a mask or other type of face covering. Levine and Wolf also ordered all essential businesses to turn you away if you decline to cover your face.

And don’t come complaining to us if you get refused entry. We don’t wanna hear it. Wear. A. Mask.

Coronavirus Cases Up 2,925 Percent in Camden

As if Camden needs more problems, the beleaguered city on the other side of the river has its share of coronavirus struggles. According a new analysis by the Inquirer, coronavirus cases in Camden are up 2,925 percent from March 31st through Sunday.

Police have been distributing educational flyers and also broadcasting a public address announcement from police cars urging residents to take steps to prevent the spread.

Reminder: No Recycling Pick-up in Philly This Week

A quick look around my neighborhood (our trash and recycling pickup normally happens on Monday) tells me that a lot of Philadelphians didn’t get the message.

As we told you a couple of weeks ago, the Streets Department has moved all recycling to an every-other-week schedule. Last week was the on week, and this week the off week. So keep those blue buckets to yourself until next week.