Forget Pizza Rat. Philly’s Pretzel Rat Is the Next Rodent Celebrity

In the latest installment of vermin stumbling upon human food in a subway station, a rat latches onto a double soft pretzel. There’s video.

pretzel rat

Pizza Rat, meet Pretzel Rat. Pretzel Rat, meet Pizza Rat. Pretzel Rat photo and video courtesy of Jakobi Lehmann.

It’s a tale as old as time: A rat got together with some food, and a human was there to take video.

You may recall the viral New York City subway rodent — aka Pizza Rat — from a couple of years back. Not to be outdone, Philly now has its shot at rat-vid glory courtesy of an ambitious critter who stumbled upon two conjoined soft pretzels at the 13th Street El stop earlier this week. People quickly dubbed him (or her) Pretzel Rat.

Oh, you want to see a video? Behold:

Pizza Rat and Pretzel Rat aren’t the only animal/food combo to have recently captured human attention. (See here, here, and here.)

But Pizza Rat and Pretzel Rat are special. We celebrate them for their good taste. Could they have settled for the many other littered food options in their respective subway stations? Sure. But these rats want to get ahead in the rat race that is life. They won’t accept anything less than their city’s gastronomic specialty.

You may have noticed that all of the other animal food vids linked above came from NYC creatures. That city has had something of a monopoly on these sorts of videos … until now.

The good news is that Philly ranks seventh on pest-exterminator Orkin’s list of most rat-infested cities in the country! So we’ll eagerly await the next video of a local rat munching on a cheesesteak. It’s only a matter of time.