The 20 Greatest Eagles of All Time

The results of the poll are in.

philadelphia eagles players greatest

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The 20 greatest Eagles of all time, according to a new poll:

  1. Brian Dawkins
  2. Reggie White
  3. Chuck Bednarik
  4. Nick Foles*
  5. Donovan McNabb
  6. Brian Westbrook
  7. Randall Cunningham
  8. Jason Peters
  9. Steve Van Buren
  10. David Akers
  11. Harold Carmichael
  12. Tommy McDonald
  13. Jerome Brown
  14. Carson Wentz
  15. Norm Van Brocklin
  16. Wilbert Montgomery
  17. Bill Bergey
  18. Ron Jaworski
  19. Mike Quick
  20. Terrell Owens

* Yeah, seems a little high to us, too. But he did pull off the Philly Special.

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Published as a part of “Remember That Time We Won the Super Bowl?” in the September 2018 issue of Philadelphia magazine.