Meet the Eagles Fan Who Brought Bourbon, a Paper, and a Big Flag to His Father’s Grave

Jeffrey Yerk’s tweet about sharing the team’s victory with his departed dad is touching fans all over the world.

eagles fans, graves

Photo via Twitter/@1yerky

Philly has waited way too long for a Super Bowl win.

Now, on the heels of victory, Eagles fans are paying tribute to lifelong supporters who won’t be able to revel in Sunday night’s success. Philadelphians are covering their loved ones’ gravesites in Eagles gear and newspapers – and, in at least one case, bourbon.

Jeffrey Yerk, from Souderton, spent at least an hour on Monday at his father’s gravesite at the Trinity United Church of Christ in Telford, sipping from a bottle of Wild Turkey and reading the Daily News.

“It was very emotional for me,” Yerk said over the phone on Wednesday. “I got there, and I said, ‘Well, Dad, check this out – they finally did it, buddy.’ And I’m telling you, he was answering sometimes.”

Yerk said some of his “greatest memories are going to them Eagles games with my dad. The cigar smoke, the beer, the rowdiness – great times for a young kid.”

A photo he posted to Twitter of his father’s grave has gotten more than 1,600 retweets and 9,000 likes, thanks in part to Twitter featuring the picture on its “Moments” page. Others have reached out to say they’ve done the same – or to simply say the photo touched them.

Yerk said he and his family have been swept away by the positive feedback, which he said has come from fans of “every team in the league.”

“One guy said, ‘I absolutely hate and despise the Eagles, but this is beautiful,’” Yerk said. “It wasn’t intended to, but it touched a lot of people.”

“My phone, since yesterday afternoon, has not stopped beeping for 10 seconds,” he added. “As we’re talking right now, [alerts are] still coming across my screen.”

And Yerk is hardly alone here in Philly — Eagles fans throughout the area have shared similar moments.