Why the Wissahickon Looks Radioactive This Week

Hint: it's for science.


Courtesy of Temple University/The Academy of Natural Sciences

Parts of the Wissahickon Creek will look a lot greener and grosser than they usually do this week – but it’s because of science.

As PhillyVoice first reported on Monday, researchers with Temple University and the Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University are using fluorescent dyes to test the health of the stream ecosystem this week. 

The dyes, which are non-toxic, helps the scientists track the flow of the creek. (They’re also similar to what was used to turn the Chicago River emerald green for St. Patrick’s Day this year.)

Scientists will conduct several day-long stream tracer tests near Gwynedd Valley and Ambler this week. The first test will start on Tuesday between Morris Road and Lafayette Avenue and travel downstream toward Philly.

Germantown Academy and Ambler Mayor Jeanne Sorg posted about the testing on Facebook.

(H/T PhillyVoice)

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