Comcast SportsNet Seeks “Authentic” Philly Fans for Promo Shoot

Be careful what you wish for – you just may get it.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Have you ever whipped a battery at a professional athlete? Snuck liquor into the game and ended up with your shirt off? Met Judge Seamus McCaffrey under precarious circumstances in the bowels of the Vet?

If you answered yes to any of the above, Comcast SportsNet wants YOU to appear in their next promo shoot!

Living dangerously, CSN has put out a casting call for “authentic” Philly fans with hopes of capturing their “epic stories of fandom” on camera as part of the network’s new, multi-platform Authentic Fan campaign. You mean you’re looking for these guys?

Are you sure you want to hear about the time when Tony bit a security guard after pummeling a Redskins fan in front of his wife and kids? What about the story when Roger was so whacked on Wild Turkey that he took a wild tumble down the aisle at the Wells Fargo Center?

Be careful what you wish for, CSN, because who knows who’s going to end up showing up to this thing! Interested fans are asked to bring their Philly sports gear, memorabilia and memories (if they weren’t all lost after suffering yet another concussion from duking it out in the stands) to XFinity Live! on September 5th.

Of all the knucklehead Philly fans from the past, the person I’d most like to hear from is Chris Falcone – the dude who very wrongly thought he had what it takes to go toe-to-toe with an NHL tough guy:

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