Carson Wentz Helps Local Class Get Out of Their Final Exam

The Eagles QB helped students at West Chester Rustin High start summer vacation a little early.

Carson Wentz. (Jeff Fusco)

Weren’t finals the worst? No student wants to take a comprehensive final exam at the end of a long school year. It’s June, the weather is warming and you’re wishing that you weren’t stuck inside taking a stressful two-hour test.

With that spirit in mind, students at West Chester Rustin High School in Chester County cut a deal with their seemingly-cool teacher to ditch the final if Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz retweeted or favorited their tweet of the handshake agreement.

Wentz, famously a straight-A student himself (he never got a B in school), was quick to respond and help this class end their school year on a high note:

Hopefully that teacher really is cool and will let any flunking students slide. Come on teach, the kid with a D average was totally going to get that A he needed on the final to pull his grade up to passing…

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