Elizabeth Banks at Penn: “You F—ing Millennials Need to F—ing Vote”

The actress spoke at numerous Hillary Clinton events in Philadelphia on Monday. She talked with Philadelphia magazine about her political activism.

Elizabeth Banks holds up her phone to take a selfie

Elizabeth Banks takes a selfie with the crowd at Penn’s LGBT Center on Monday evening | Photo by Dan McQuade

Elizabeth Banks was done speaking to a packed-to-the-gills LGBT Center at Penn. As she finished up her brief speech, she knew what the kids were interested in: “I would like to be able to give you guys what you want,” she said, “which is pictures on your phone.” Dutifully, Banks then stood on a chair to take a table for her own selfie, then hung around for about 20 minutes as students lined up to take photos with her.

Banks, a 1996 graduate of Penn, was in Philadelphia to attend several events Monday in support of Hillary Clinton. She attended a private event at Ardmore, encouraged voter registration at the Penn LGBT Center, and went to the Liberty City Democratic Club Meeting in Center City.

“You need to vote for Hillary Clinton, and get 10 other people to vote for her too,” she said to the crowd at Penn. “You fucking millennials need to get out the fucking vote.”

This wasn’t Banks’ first time stumping for Hillary Clinton this year. She hosted the second night of the Democratic National Convention, gave a rousing speech in support of Clinton and even produced a celeb “Fight Song” singalong for the DNC.

Banks chatted with Philadelphia magazine for a few minutes after her appearance at Penn about the election.

Are you excited to be back on campus?
I was here during the convention as well. It was very quiet then, because it’s the summer. It was very lively today.

You’ve done a lot of work for the Democrats here in Philadelphia. Why?
I feel very connected to Philly, because I went to Penn, and Pennsylvania’s such an important state. I’m really here to thank the people who are grassroots on the ground going to get the first lady elected president of the united states. I think this is an amazing goal for our country to have, but also because she’s an incredible candidate. We have someone who has spent her entire public career fighting for women and families and the underdogs of the world. I really believe that she will get our country closer to the ideal of equality.

What makes Hillary Clinton a candidate you seem to be so energized by?
Honestly, it’s partially what I said in my speech. I’m a product of Democratic ideals. It’s just not my bootstraps that pulled me up to get me here. To stand here, I benefitted from so many amazing programs that I feel were founded and put forth by democrats. I’m just a lifelong Democrat and Hillary, she’s like my queen. She’s my democratic ideal.

Are you worried about Donald Trump winning in November?
I’m not particularly worried about it because I know the people of Pennsylvania are going to get out and vote and if we win Pennsylvania, then we have no problems. It’s smooth sailing.

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