The Flyers Unveiled New Jerseys Today and Everyone Hates Them Already

This season is the Flyers’ 50th. The team has new gold-trim jerseys to celebrate. Fans are not happy.

Claude Giroux in his new Flyers jersey

Flyers captain Claude Giroux stands in front of a series of game-worn Flyers jerseys over the years | Photo: Dan McQuade

The media gathered at the Philly From the Top observation deck, on the 57th floor of One Liberty. The team at MeiGray Group had set up a dozen game-worn jerseys from the 1960s to the present for display. The giant Benjamin Franklin statue at the observation deck was draped in a giant Flyers jersey.

Flyers President Paul Holmgren took to the microphone in front of a replica penalty box complete with a replica Dave Schultz. He talked about how team founder Ed Snider, before his death last spring, signed off on the new jersey design. “We went through about 10 or 12 different protypes,” Holmgren said. “Mr. Snider was heavily involved from the get-go. It was finalized in December of 2015. When Mr. Snider saw the final edition, he couldn’t have been happier and gave us his blessing to move forward.”

He brought up a Yeezy-clad Claude Giroux to try on the new jersey and show it off. This season will be the Flyers’ 50th. The new look, which the team will wear for 12 home games this season, has the Flyers’ logo trimmed in gold and other gold accenting for that 50th anniversary. Helmets worn with the jerseys will have Snider’s signature and “A Flyer Forever.” Afterward, Giroux waited to take photos and sign autographs for a long line of Flyers fans in attendance.

All good, right? No.

Flyers - new jerseys

The new Flyers’ jerseys on display at Philly From the Top | Photo: Dan McQuade

Almost as soon as the Flyers jerseys were announced, fans declared them terrible.

People on the Flyers Facebook page weren’t happy, either.

  • The jersey looks like something that would be distributed to rec league players. It’s awful and unimaginative.
  • Words can’t describe how awful looking these jerseys are. Give us back the OG winter classic look from 2012.
  • April fools was about 5 months ago guys. Where are the real jerseys?!?!
  • My brother hit the nail on the head when he said it looks like something you’d buy at Kmart.
  • (in reply) More like Burlington Coat Factory.

People weren’t even satisfied when Flyers players started tweeting in support of the jerseys. “This is the hockey equivalent of Republican members of congress endorsing Donald Trump,” Amy Fetherolf tweeted.

As Flyers fan must-follow Twitter personality @FlyGoalScoredBy points out, they kind of remind you of Penguins jerseys.

Oof. The Flyers will wear these jerseys for the following games this year:

  • October 20 vs. Anaheim Ducks (Home Opener)
  • November 2 vs. Detroit Red Wings
  • November 19 vs. Tampa Bay Lightning
  • November 25 vs. New York Rangers
  • December 3 vs. the Chicago Blackhawks
  • December 10 vs. the Dallas Stars
  • December 21 vs. Washington Capitals
  • January 7 vs. Tampa Bay Lightning
  • January 21 vs. New Jersey Devils
  • February 2 vs. Montreal Canadiens
  • February 4 vs. the Los Angeles Kings
  • February 11 vs. the San Jose Sharks

They’ll wear a different jersey for their outdoor game at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh on February 25th.

Certainly, these jerseys are better than the “Bevel and Emboss” alternate logo the team used from 2002 to 2007. But there may be a little too much gold trim. Holmgren did tell reporters afterward Snider wasn’t sold on the gold trim, and had to be talked into it.

If you are one of those who likes this jersey, they will be available at the team store at the Wells Fargo Center starting September 6th. Season ticketholders will also receive jerseys.

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