Center City Sips: Interviews

Chatting with some of the of Sipsters on Wednesday, July 27th, outside Uptown Beer Garden

Mystique Gonzalez
24, Center City
Do you usually come here? We start at Comcast, end up here and then go home. It’s enough damage. What brings you out? The people. It’s like the only good day to go out during the week. It’s better than the weekends.

Vinh Ho
24, University City
What brings you out? My friends come here. It’s a good excuse to go out with a lot of young people. I’m sure there’s places with an older crowd, but I don’t go to those places.

Falon Seibert-Burns
24, East Mount Airy
What’s your pre-Sips routine? I have to go home, shower, get changed and come back out. Do you stay out after Sips? Yes! Wednesday through Sunday morning is the weekend for us in the summer.

Sean Ceci
28, Grad Hospital
Do you meet people at Sips? For us, it’s usually about hanging out with friends, for the most part. People that we’re with try to meet people, for dating and that kind of stuff. But I try to keep it loose—that’s not why I come out.

Amy Ambrosini
32, South Philly
How often do you come to Sips? Once in a blue moon. But I was a regular when I was 22. How has Sips changed? I think it’s gotten progressively bigger over the past few years, for sure. It’s huge now—everybody does it.

Fahim Kayed
21, Fox Chase
What brings you out? Honestly, the crowd. There’s always good people to feed off. One of my boys lives in Fairmount, so we usually pre-game at his crib. Even though we come after the special, we still stay. The prices are not what bring people in.

Anna Farnsworth
21, University City
What do you do? I’m interning at a health-care consulting firm. We work right down the street, so we hear the music ramping up and know it’s Sips time. What do you come to Sips for? Definitely to socialize. Definitely looking to date people. A little of both, and just networking, talking to people about what they’re doing in the city. There’s a lot of internship people. What’s the guy scene like at Sips? It’s been okay. It depends on whatever you’re into—or what you’re drinking, I guess. You come directly from work? Right from work. You’ve got to plan out the outfit the morning of. Make sure you’re Sips-ready. That’s a whole different kind of ready. Oh yeah. You have to wear a cute dress. How do you like Philly so far? It’s a very young city. I feel like I’m on a college campus, but not. Particularly when you come out to Sips? Absolutely. It’s nice to be amongst other young professionals.