You Need to Vote for the Nats to Have a Jonathan Papelbon Bobblehead

The Washington Nationals are letting fans decide which player is their September bobblehead giveaway. It needs to be Jonathan Papelbon.

Jonathan Papelbon - Washington Nationals bobblehead

Papelbon photo by James G, used under a Creative Commons license

There’s nothing that Philadelphia sports fans like more than trolling a player they used to root for, especially if that player left under less-than-ideal circumstances. (In the last 30 years or so, this is basically the set of every former Phillies player except for Geoff Jenkins — who won the 2008 World Series with the Phillies and never played another major league game.)

That being said, Philly fans really like to stick it to a guy who had an incredibly weird career in Philadelphia, one that included grabbing his crotch when fans booed him and ended with a trade to a division rival. Yes, you can vote today to give Jonathan Papelbon a bobblehead at the Washington Nationals’ home game on September 9th.

This has the added bonus of both trolling Papelbon and Nats fans, who nonetheless were also encouraged to vote for Papelbon by The Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg.

And why shouldn’t everyone enjoy having a little fun! Last year, Papelbon choked NL MVP Bryce Harper during a dugout fight, so it’d be pretty great if he got his own bobblehead giveaway in D.C. this summer.

You can vote for Papelbon here. After all, the Nationals wouldn’t have put him on the list if they didn’t want you to vote for him, right?

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