Social Media Threat Closed Tacony Academy Charter School in Wissinoming Today

Police say no direct threats were made; school says it exercised "abundance of caution." A decision about class tomorrow has not yet been made.

UPDATE: Tacony Academy Charter School in Wissinoming is open today, according to a message from the school’s CEO and principal. “We are putting additional security measures in place and opening tomorrow for education. As some investigations take time, we will allow law enforcement to do their due diligence” Ashley Redfearn wrote on the school’s website. “With police presence and security on campus, we will have a productive educational day.”

UPDATE: In a new message on its web site, Tacony Academy Charter School’s CEO and principal Ashley Redfearn said the school is continuing to work with police regarding the social media threat that canceled school today. “We have not made a decision yet about school tomorrow. Please check by 7 p.m. for an update,” the statement advises.

ORIGINAL: The Tacony Academy Charter School, a high school in Philadelphia’s Wissinoming neighborhood, made the decision to close this morning after officials there were notified of a picture of guns on social media.

According to the Philadelphia Police Department there was no direct threat made to the school or any individuals at the school. However, citing an “abundance of caution,” the school closed for precautionary measures.

Tacony Academy is launching an investigation of the incident and plans to give an update later today on its website.

The Tacony Academy Charter School is a K-12 school with two locations. The investigation pertains to the High School located at 6201 Keystone Street and is not related to their Elementary School at 1330 Rhawn Street.