OPINION: Can Lady Gaga Make a Full Comeback?

Her recent career moves are promising — but not so fast.

Lady Gaga during her "Born This Way" era.

Lady Gaga during her “Born This Way” era.

I have always been a fan of Lady Gaga. Okay, not always – but I believe in her talent.

In an era where pop stars can barely hold a note, she belts them effortlessly while playing the piano, dancing, and experimenting.

But 29-year old Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is at a crossroads in her career. The openly bisexual superstar reached new heights with albums like The Fame and Born This Way, but also gave us the tragic Artflop … I mean Artpop.

Since that commercial disappointment, Gaga has played it smart. She won a Grammy last year for her collaboration with the legendary Tony Bennett. Her appreciation for theatrics got her a leading role on TV’s American Horror Story: Hotel, for which she recently won a Golden Globe.

Now she’s up for an Academy Award for Best Original Song for her collaboration with Diane Warren on the song “Til It Happens to You” from the documentary The Hunting Ground.

It seems that Gaga is on the right track to an unstoppable comeback – but hold your horses. The self-described “Mother Monster” has got to re-evaluate how she plans to handle the boom of her career yet again. Otherwise, we will get tired of her once more.

The initial trajectory of Gaga’s career can best be described as a rocket. Her first major single, “Just Dance,” was a number-one hit worldwide, followed by the megahit “Poker Face.” Gaga was on top of the world and had a presence that many began to believe rivaled that of Madonna.

And that’s where she – or at least her legion of fans – went wrong.

Stan wars,” the petty rivalries provoked by a collection of obsessed celebrity fans, fueled the rise and fall of Gaga’s initial career. “Stans” – a combination of the words stalker and fan, also a reference to the crazed fan in the Eminem song “Stan” – are those who say they are in Beyoncé’s “Bey-Hive,” Rihanna’s “Navy,” Taylor Swift’s “Swifties,” Justin Bieber’s “Bielibers” — the list goes on.

For Gaga, her “Little Monsters” are what caused her larger-than-life persona to be challenged. Their obsessive trolling to other fans created cyber-bullying that sometimes made headlines. Such fandom also gave way to heightened expectations of financial and professional projections that would later cost Gaga big time.

And it was that crazed hype that made Artpop, her fourth studio album, an art-FLOP. The epic album sales and crazy tour sales never came.

To put it in perspective, every Gaga album before Artpop was nominated for the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. However, the latter received no nominations in any category when it was its turn for consideration.

Since then, some strategic power moves and a less distracting wardrobe has brought Gaga back into the public eye on a more positive note. However, one can only hope that this time she doesn’t get over her head yet again.

We are rooting for you Gaga, don’t mess this up!