Eagles Cost Snoop Dogg Fantasy Game — Now He Hates Chip Kelly

Snoop Dogg drops a devastating "Chip Kelly, kill yourself" diss. Let's hope the Eagles coach does a better job at a response track than Meek Mill did.

Snoop Dog, stedalle / Shutterstock.com | Chip Kelly, Jeff Fusco

Snoop Dog, stedalle / Shutterstock.com | Chip Kelly, Jeff Fusco

Snoop Dogg is not happy with Chip Kelly.

“Chip Kelly, kill yourself,” he says in a new rant on Instagram (below) after the Eagles’ poor performance last night cost Snoop’s fantasy team in its game. One assumes Snoop was going against a bunch of Arizona Cardinals players in last night’s game, or maybe he was foolish enough to start an Eagles wide receiver not named Jordan Matthews (the only Eagles WR to top 80 yards this season).

Sorry ass fucking eagles. Cost me my fantasy league. Fuuuuuuiccck😡😡😡😡

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I feel for Snoop. I play in a high-stakes — at least in terms of bragging rights — fantasy league with a group that’s mostly my friends from high school. If Odell Beckham Jr. had been kicked out of the game when he threw several punches in the first quarter or when he flung himself at another player’s head, I’d be in a much better position to win with my two remaining players going tonight.

I won’t go on a profane rant against Beckham, though. (For one, he might attack me.) I’d suggest to Snoop Dogg he deal with it in the same way I always deal with fantasy failure: By taking a nice, hot shower. Oh, wait, just saw the shower cap he’s rocking in his video. I guess I have no advice for him, then.

This isn’t a bad first salvo from Snoop Dogg, and I’m excited to see how Chip Kelly responds. Let’s hope Kelly’s response turns out to be better-received than Meek Mill’s response to Drake.

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